Planning your 2 Reunion days: Advance tickets required: Dinner/Brunch/Picnic

June 24 & July 1 (Thursdays) Early Check-in /Ticket pick-up times 4 - 6 PM at Museum

July 2, Friday:  9 am – 3 pm  Check-in/ticket pickup at Sheldon Museum
                      9 am - 3 pm “See the Museum” – guided tours and museum
                                          contests while you visit with friends.
                      9 am – 4 pm “A Little Bit of Country-schools that is"
                                         “REUNION CENTRAL” at Prairie Arts
                                          Historical Park.   
                      9 am – Noon: self-guided tours with guides present.
                      2 pm – 4 pm  Class Gatherings
                      5 pm –          Alumni Dinner at SHS gymnasium.
                      Evening         On your own.
July 3, Saturday   

                     9:30 am           Buffet-style Brunch at SHS gymnasium
                      Free Time!       Hang out at Reunion Central 
                                           (coffee, tea,  lemonade and snacky things).
                      3:30 – 7:30pm Picnic in the Park.
                       Evening           On your own. 
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You can follow Reunion planning here or on our other reunion Facebook page and also post on the You Know You're from Sheldon FB page or www.sheldonorabs2020plus1.com

Feel free to add any comments, suggestions, questions  and we'll  try to answer as soon as possible.  The website is monitored many times a day.  There are no dumb questions!

Go find yourself at Classmates.  Interesting where people are now living.  The classmates registration is not an obligation.  The team needs a head  count when invitation and ticket sales begin.  We just don't want anybody left out.

Send messages at SAY HELLO and keep your email private at the same time.

Contact us:  As before there are no dumb questions.

Donations are always welcome.  The team is being as frugal as possible but there are necessary fees in some cases.  And, of course,  any amount is helpful but not obligatory.

Upload Photos as you see fit.  If questions Contact us as described above.

Class Gatherings - These are always enjoyed by all and the hosts deserve a big THANK YOU.

Spend some time remembering our alumni who are no longer with us on the Memorial Page..

WHEN SIGNING UP WITH CLASSMATES NO PERSONAL OR FACEBOOK INFORMATION is required .  A new username and password is the only new information needed and ONLY YOU know it.